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Jeri Castronova, Ph.D.
Spiritual Psychologist, International Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Seminar Leader has over 30 years experience in body, mind and spirit healing utilizing multi-dimensional techniques and the new Atlantean/Egyptian Golden Age Game Board to:

  • Awaken the Inner Goddess
  • Connect to past lifetimes as they relate to Now.
  • Reduce stress and pain.
  • Release 'stuckness' physically and mentally.
  • Enhance creativity and vitality.
  • Balance chakras for improved health.
  • Accelerate awareness of inner sacred truth and karmic completions.

Sessions may include Past Life Reading, Energy Healing, Unleashing Your Inner Child, or Golden Age Game Board Reading.

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“Jeri, you have a unique way of working with people that has been life-changing for me. through your gentle questions and open heart, I’ve learned a lot about getting out of my own way and feeling empowered. My pain is gone. I have more energy and time for play. My new awareness has enhanced my career, and my relationships are amazing!”
~~A Grateful Client

“When I came to you I was in transition, feeling disoriented and knowing I was ready to move to the next phase of my life, not yet knowing what it was. Our sessions were remarkable, and so are you. Now I’m balanced, confident, and making more money!”

“Our past life sessions enabled me to claim the talents I didn’t know I had, and realized the abilities I’d mastered in long-ago lifetimes. You inspired me to claim mastery of myself as healer and teacher. You and your books have CHANGED MY LIFE.”