Mastery Game Board

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Unleash the Goddess with the new Golden Age Game Board

by Jeri Castronova, Ph.D.

"The Game Board is an interactive Atlantean device for accelerating growth. When the initiates realized Time is an illusion, and all lives are lived simultaneously, they could claim Mastery of their lives. Everyone today can do the same." - Thoth, Atlantean Priest and Egyptian God of Wisdom

"I was honored to be shown this Game Board in a vision when Thoth took me to the Valley of the Kings. He asked that I bring the Sacred Game back as a technique for remembering who we are. When we claim Mastery of our Power and Creativity, then we can easily shift into the 5th Dimension and the Golden Age." - Dr. Jeri Castronova

13,000 years ago the Atlanteans and Egyptians played a spiral game in the Isis Mystery Schools.

This is a Game of the Future - your Future - based on your Past. Each square represents a life lived on earth. Some squares have a symbol, some are empty. The symbols are collective images of our experiences, trainings, educations, and significant events in our may lifetimes.

ALL lifetimes - past, present, future - are lived simultaneously. We are living all of the NOW. They are held in our DNA, even those in the future and can be accessed at any time.

We have mastered the talents, skills, and wisdom from those times and are able to use them now, if we but realize the truth of that Mastery. It will help you see where you came from and where you are going. It is a blueprint for your future life. You can create the life you want and this Board will help you put it into perspective with a view to manifesting everything you want.

A Message from Thoth, Atlantean Priest and Egyptian God of Wisdom, from The Goddess and the Game Board:

"The Game Board is a consciousness grid. Each of the 72 squares are programmed with holographic reality. The symbol is individual and at the same time cosmic in its flow toward the collective unconscious.

The Game Board is an Atlantean device for accelerating growth. It came out of my studies in the planning of the Great Pyramid, when we laid out the engineering Grid in a holographic pattern. It was an experiment in sacred geometry brought from the other places and revised in many ways to fit the purposes of what I had planned for earth beings to accelerate their learning."
The Limited Premier Edition is a beautiful glossy giclee on canvas, signed and numbered. The set includes 9 dice, stunning bag, and easy instructions. Now you can join the Sacred Game of the Goddess as it was played 13,000 years ago in Atlantis and in the Mystery Schools of Egypt.

The Goddess Game is colorful, cooperative, and playful, just like the Divine Goddess herself.

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