Light of the Golden Age
Jeri Castronova PhD
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Jeri Castranova in Egypt

Spiritual Psychologist
    Award-Winning Author
        Visionary Artist
            Quantum Energy Healing
                Becoming Galactic Humans
                    Claiming Your True Purpose
                        Rebirthing the Divine Feminine

Jeri Castronova, PhD, Spiritual Psychologist and Award-Winning Author, has spent many years lifting the veils on personal and global truths that enable us to live our True Purpose.

She leads gatherings in Quantum Healing, Claiming Your Game Board, Empowering the Divine Feminine, and Becoming Galactic Humans.

Her fiction and nonfiction books bring readers into a world of archeology, spirituality, past lives, romance, alternate Egyptian history, and an ancient Game Board that holds the key to the innate entitlement of humans.

Her intuitive and channeled readings provide guidance and loving support for relationship, professional, and personal issues. The time is Now to connect with your beautiful True Self.

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