Lifting the Veils

Jeri Castronova, PhD

2012 may have been the end of the Mayan calendar, but 2013 is stacking up to be the end of many of the world's woes. Year 1 of the new 26,000-Year Cycle has begun with a jolt. Consider:

How many dreams do you suppose you've had in your lifetime? Too many to recall? Or too few that have come to fruition?

After the pope resigned in February, an unprecedented act in itself, later the same day the Vatican was struck by lightning. Are they paying attention?

The power behind the throne is held by a group who began amassing power and wealth many years ago by utilizing ancient methods used throughout the history of humanity-control and manipulation through economic slavery and the systematic removal of freedom of thought. This group, the Jesuits, controls the Vatican bank and the media, while the pope heads only the faith. The new pope from Argentina, also a Jesuit, took the name of Francis, and so far, he seems to genuinely desire reform, a dangerous undertaking for a new pope.

The subject of Book 3 of my trilogy- Symbols of the Grid: Matrix of Mastery -is the fall of the Vatican. It was released on 1/11/11. It has not gained the best-seller status I envisioned, but have subsequently learned flying under the radar was for my own protection. The villains of the plot were three cardinals-the bank president, the Dean of the College of Cardinals, and Secretary of State-all high-ranking individuals who report to no one, not even the pope.

Some have asked if I had a crystal ball when I wrote the book 2 years ago, as so much of the novel about the Vatican has come to light. Besides extensive research, imagination and visionary states gifted me with new knowledge of the Vatican, e.g. Mary Magdalene leading me through the Archives to her long-hidden Journal.

After Benedict stepped down, the second most powerful man in the Vatican also resigned-the Secretary of State. Then the president of the bank also resigned. All were due to be arrested within days for 'crimes against humanity.'

The past 2,000 years brought a level of arrogance into the church that the early Christians could not even imagine, and something Jesus himself never had or wanted-papal infallibility-began. The very concept allowed reprehensible acts on the part of the pope and clergy-greed, corruption, murder, rape, money laundering, and blood sacrifice. Gradually the truth is coming out for the faithful to see, if they so choose.

Effective September 1, several significant events have occurred.

• Ben Bernanke, Head of the Federal Reserve, resigned.
• Elizabeth Duke, Board member of the Federal Reserve, resigned.
• Janet Napolitano, Head of Homeland Security, resigned.
• A Papal decree took effect stating no longer will Vatican clergy and judges be   
  immune from arrest for criminal activity.
• The Global Currency Revaluation is about to begin, as well as debt forgiveness
  and worldwide economic reform.


• 911 was an inside job. More evidence emerges that our leaders hijacked the
• The poisoning of our planet, our food, and our water are all crimes against
  Gaia and humanity.
• Area 51 is no longer a secret. Back-engineering of recovered galactic
  spacecraft has produced many so-called UFO's observed around the facility,
  including the stealth bomber we now take for granted.
• Disclosure of galactic humans is imminent. They are here to aid us in this
  most propitious time in earth's history, and they are not to be feared. They
  are loving beings of the divine light.
• The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, nor is it a bank. It is a holding
  company for the reserves of the wealthy and a printing press for Federal
  Reserve NOTES, not dollars. Bernanke is leaving because he sees the
  writing on the wall-the Federal Reserve is bankrupt. On October 8th the
  new $100 US Treasury notes, backed by gold, will be released. The UST
  notes will then become the US currency. But don't panic-they will be phased
  in with our current currency.

These are the markers for the return of the Republic, the one proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and the organic Constitution, the one that has been eroded by the greedy 1% who have led us into two world wars and are desperate to start World War III. The cabal/illuminati that comprise the heads of major banks, corporations, government, and the Vatican is fast approaching its demise. The veils are being lifted on many of the corrupt schemes that have kept humanity enslaved for millennia. The government is now a corporation, and that corporation is imploding. The cosmic energies that have been bombarding the planet have brought new awakenings of revolution-Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Iceland, Iraq, Iran, and others. People are tired of the lies and dissatisfied with their politicians. They want stable lives with their families, no more hunger, and peace with other countries.

The truth behind all the manipulations of the dark cabal is slowly but beyond doubt being revealed. If this is the first time you've heard all this, it's time you wake up and take back your autonomy. It has been divinely decreed that this is the year we gain back our Freedom. Whatever the cabal does to try and stop it will be met with defeat. And they know it. They know they're beat, but their arrogance and greed pushes them on. They find it impossible to believe the common people are breaking the chains of debt and religious slavery and claiming their sovereign rights to freedom, justice, and truth. That means taking responsibility for our own decisions, our own finances, and our own happiness.

This is a time of great change in the world, when honest politicians are no longer willing to be part of a "do nothing" congress, when courts are cognizant of the "little guy" and refuse to cave in to the banks while rubber-stamping foreclosures, when women "stand their ground" and men "respect the ground and the women who stand there."

Gaia has already ascended to a higher dimension and calls us to our ultimate destiny. Forgetfulness is a common method we use to deny our own wisdom. Across the planet people are waking up to the Truth and demanding their Freedom. It's as if a mass decoding of our DNA has exploded and everyone magically discovered the Key at the same time. Claim your Key NOW. Claim your Power NOW. It's not yours until you actually claim it.

Feel the Bliss of knowing who you truly are.

Feel the Wind at your back lifting you into the New Reality.

Feel the Gratitude that you were born for this Moment in Time.


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