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The holidays ended a year that bridged 2012, a year of rampant energies that seemed to be all over the place, and 2013, the year of learning to breathe again, yet not knowing where the breath was leading. 2014 begins a time of unknowns, an awareness we've been through the bumpy rides, and not knowing where the ride is going, just that the ending will be a dynamic Shift in Consciousness.

The completion energies of last year, the current astrological Grand Cross with square aspects to Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, the clearing of negative entities from the planet, and the global financial meltdown are causing all of us to take extra steps in cleansing and energizing. On a personal note, the past few weeks have left me in a state of writer's block, unable to come up with anything original for this newsletter. After talking to a friend, aligning with the photon energies, and smoothing out my auric field, thoughts began to form themselves into coherency. Just allowing words to present themselves, without critiquing, opens the floodgates, and the Goddess of Poetry always provides, this time in the form of Haiku and an angel message.

Memories of the past

Awaken talents honed

For future worlds

Once Upon A Timeless Night

Once upon a timeless night an angel said to me:

"Write your story on a cloud that all may see what you have done and haven't done, for everyone has a story that others need to hear-how they have prospered or thrown their wealth away, how they've made bad choices by ignoring the inner intuitive voices, and good choices by listening, how detours have led them off the path and in that wandering they've met their guides and found their loves.

"Tell them what you've done to complete your karmic cycle-the pains and pleasures-the joy of blending in spirit, body and mind in harmonious partnership, the pain in giving up a child for adoption, the grief in losing a beloved parent, child, or close relative, the sheer exuberance of sprinting along the beach with seagulls flapping and sand whipping your legs, the sense of reverence sitting in the massive halls of a French cathedral where centuries of sacred whispers, chants and prayers of the devoted filled the soaring ceilings and hover still in time and space.

Joyous Dancing

"As you write your current and past life stories, encourage others, especially women, to write theirs-without fear, shame, regret, guilt, or pride. Tell them to write in rhyme, or free verse, or journaling, or in 3rd person, or in a film script, or a children's story, or fairy tale, or romance, or adventure, or thriller, or mystery, or sci fi that may actually be a manifestation of their future."

After writing down the angel's words, I asked, "Hold on. Wait a minute. You mean you want me to give writing lessons on how to write their stories?"

"No," answered the angel, "I want you to give PERMISSION to write their stories. To those who don't think they can write and those who don't think they even have a story, and those who think their lives aren't that important to write about. I want you to tell them:

"My friend, you have my permission to be important. You have my permission to write your story any way you want, however you feel comfortable.

"It's time to open up to your creative expressions and put them on paper, on canvas, in the computer, in music, on stage or video. Share your story with friends. Ask them to nurture it as you nurture theirs. Let it inspire other women to write, paint, create, and as you gain in expressing your identity, honor yourself and others for doing so.

"Now is the time for completion of your soul's journey and claiming Mastery of your lifetimes. No one-neither priest, rabbi, pastor, guru or holy one can give you the answers. Your story has the answers and as you complete it, you'll realize how much you actually know.

"You came to earth at this moment to be a part of this Great Game. Play the Game with lightness and fun. Gaia needs your light. Let her see it. Honor her as she honors you. Be the Light of the New Renaissance. Be the Light of the Golden Age. Now is the time for your light to shine in the world!"

Once opened

Floodgates drench their waters

Unhindered onto thirsty souls

Pink Mandala

For more information on writing your stories and creating non-patriarchal myths, please see my book: "Paint the Sky and Dance: Women and the New Myths," on my website, a holistic guide to: writing your new myth, freeing the 3 aspects of the Inner Child, approaching addictive behaviors in a new way, identifying your tools for transformation, connecting with your guides and angels, and ways to create your up-to-date identity as a powerful Heroic Wise Woman.


CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO, February 7 - 10, Hilton LAX, Los Angeles.

Jeri will be on a panel with some amazing women discussing The Emergent Feminine on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2:30-4:30. Click on the link for more information on this fascinating conference with world-class speakers, Divine Feminine experts, UFO and cover-up researchers, healers, psychics, astrologers, shamans, nutritionists, and many more.

EARTH-KEEPER AZ STARGATE GATHERING, May 23 - 26, in Scottsdale and Sedona, AZ. Jeri will be a featured speaker at this event located at the beautiful FireSky Resort in Scottsdale.      

Colors vibrate

Music stirs the palette

Paint them on your soul


Cities of Light - Star Gates of the Global Renaissance
City of Light

Cities of Light - Star Gates of the Global Renaissance

The prototype City of Light chosen long ago was Sedona, Arizona.

Once Upon a Timeless Night

Joyous Dancing

Once Upon a Timeless Night

You have permission to write your story.

What Are You Up To These Days?

Golden Orbs

What Are You Up To These Days?

Perhaps you are experiencing Ascension Symptoms.

Lifting the Veils

Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veils

Feel the Bliss of knowing who you truly are.

Chasing a Dream


Chasing a Dream

Go ahead - it's time to chase the dream!

Gift from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

A Gift from Mary Magdalene

This is an excerpt from my presentation in which Mary Magdalene asked that a message be included.

Drama is the Symptom


Drama is the Symptom, Not the Problem

It is easy to believe we cannot control either external or internal forces. But we can.

Discovery in Sedona

Pleadian starship

Discovery in Sedona

The Discovery Channel is in Sedona to film an episode on the UFO phenomenon and whether there is a government cover-up

Speaking Your Truth


Speaking Your Truth

Excerpted from Jeri's book:
The Goddess and the Game Board

Declaration of a New Reality


Declaration of a New Reality

Speaker at the Earth-Keeper Crystalline Stargate Gathering 5/13

New Dawn in an Old Land

Jeri in Egypt

Jeri Castronova, Ph.D.

Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence 6/12

Random Acts of Senseless Myths

Jeri in Egypt

Random Acts of Senseless Myths

Published in the 11/11 edition of the Sedona Journal of Emergence

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