Jeri Castronova

If you would like to have a session with Jeri, please send her your contact information and what you would like to get from the reading by using the form below.

Her channeled messages bring guidance, insight, and loving energy to awaken the Divine Feminine aspect of Creative Source. The beginning of a new World Age provides connection with the Galactic Family of Light and lifting the veils that have been covering the Truth for many millennia.

Isis, Jesus, and the Ascended Masters aid in integrating the intense energies permeating earth, causing struggle and imbalance to many.

Wherever you feel stuck, they can smooth the way and open your eyes to new realities. They offer the highest vibrational love and healing energies to each individual.

Sessions are IN-PERSON only.


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See our flyer with details about the Golden Age Game Board Readings HERE or Energy Healings, HERE.

Game Board Reading or Energy Healing 60 minutes - $150 USD

Game Board Reading or Energy Healing 30 minutes - $80 USD